Dwyer Foundation Repair Testimonials

“I want to thank you and your workers for the great job they did on our home. They were always very professional and polite completing the job. They reviewed the work they had completed and the warranty with me. My son was especially pleased with the clean up! Thank you also to your kind office staff.”
Sincerely – Dolores Adams

“Wanted you to know that the Dwyer Team that was recently here at our home was very polite and well mannered. We can’t thank you enough for the hard work and excellent service.”
Thanks – Nick C

“This letter is to thank your company and crew for the excellent customer support during our foundation work completed recently. The Dwyer team did an excellent job of working with us before, during and after the job was completed.”
Sincerely – Gayle Burns

“Just a note to comment on the great job done by the Dwyer crew. They took their time to explain exactly what they were doing and why certain steps wer taken. I feel they could not have done a better job. My thanks to the Dwyer team. If all Dwyer personnel are like this, you have a great company!”
Sincerely – Jim Wray

“I recently had work done at my house by 2 men from your company. I just wanted to say how very pleased I was with their work. They were very pleasant and hard working. They also cleaned up the area very well. I believe they deserve a job well done award. Thanks for sending such good employees; ones that knew what they were doing and completed the job to my satisfaction.”
Thanks Again – John McCauley

“Very professional crew. I will always reccomend Dwyer to anyone that might need your services. We had previous work done by Dwyer and we were so pleased we didn’t think twice to call you back.”
Sincerely – Margot Rice

“Just wanted to send a note to say what a wonderful job the guys did. They were all so nice and didn’t make a mess of my house.”
Thank You – Rick Roos

I was very upset and negative about my home and the situation with my porch and front foundation wall sinking and moving. Needless to say, my wife was very tired of hearing my complaints and dealing with my anxiety over this problem. Let me say this…I never would have thought my feelings would have changed so dramatically over the three days that Dwyer field technicians were on the job at my home. As they raised my porch and lifted my front foundation wall, cracks in my daughter’s second floor room closed up and doors in her room were opening up. My level of satisfaction and “peace of mind” was directly related to the efforts and intense personal interest your foreman took in completing this job. I know that if your field management personnel are anywhere near the caliber of professional, hard working, dedicated individual as this forman, its no wonder your competition can’t compare.”
Sincerely ~ Matthew J. Metz

“With great respect & gratitude, thank you sir for the three decent, hard working guys. It was a privilege, just to meet them. I am a proud and satisfied customer! I noticed the ladies in your office are nice & friendly too. All your employees I’ve met are class people! Thanks again!”

Gratefully Yours ~ Elmer Etter

“Employers and their employees, do not always get the opportunity to hear “good job”, or “job well done. When one is looking into purchasing a new home, the last thing that a homeowner wants to deal with is any type of construction or structural damage repair. After my husband and I reviewed the three proposed estimates, it was obvious that Dwyer could do the job and we made the decision to purchase the home and experience the task of having 19 piers and 3 tiebacks placed to stabilize it. From the very first day that Dwyer arrived, the job was done in a manner that we never thought twice about our decision. Bill and I sincerely appreciate a JOB WELL DONE!!!”

Respectively ~ Bill and Lisa Wrightson

“I am a local custom builder in NKY and have been in business for 24 years. Recently your company has worked with us on projects from slab lifting, foundation stabilizing to foundation crack repair. By recommending your company I am not only extending your name as a company to the customer but I am also putting my name on the line. From sales and initial contact, our experience has been very professional and continues to be each and everytime I speak with your estimator. Mr. Dwyer, thank you and your employees for what we in this business should expect at all times, but seems to be lost with so many companies today, that is neatness, quality and professionalism.

Sincerely ~ Eubank Construction Co., LLC

“Excellent job perfomed by your men! Very professional, very polite, very neat about their work, and mindful of neighbor’s yards and my flowers. They made sure everything was covered such as large piles of dirt (good thing because it rained very hard that night) and placed yellow tape around openings. A Great Group of employees that you can be proud of to have represent your company!”

Sincerely ~ Earl Lieddigner

“Admittedly, I am not familiar with the technical aspects of your installation procedures. However, I am familiar with what it means to act in a professional, knowledgeable, courteous and “going-the-extra-mile-for-the-customer” manner. That’s what we got from your crew and, at this point, we couldn’t be happier. If your company is of a mind to list us as a customer reference, please feel free to do so.”

Sincerely ~ Paul & Beverly Martinez

“You just completed work on the rear of our house and I just wanted to send a note to compliment your crew. They were wonderful. This all gives me added confidence in your professionalism. I know if there is a problem all I need to do is to call. It also gives me assurance that you will live up to your contract in every way. It is a pleasure doing business with a company of your quality.

Best Wishes ~ Keith Andrews

“It is rare that I write a company, but I was so impressed I am writing this letter to compliment your excellent staff. Overall, I would rate my experience with your company as unparalleled and a standard that every company should strive for. If ever I can be used for a reference for other potential customers please let me do my part to help you!

Sincerely ~ Trisha Smith

“As you know we had 17 piers installed around the outside of our home and the inside garage wall. The crew put every shovel full of dirt onto tarps and were able to dig around my prize climbing rose bush. They even dug up some plants that I forgot to move. The day they raised our home I was very nervous and scared. However I should have never wasted my time worrying because once again the crew did an excellent job. If it wasn’t for the wet concrete and freshly moved dirt, you would not be able to tell we had any work done to our home. The guys even had to use a bobcat to dig and there are no tire tracks in the grass. Our family will be able to rest knowing that our home is once again safe and sound. I will continue to recommend Dwyer to everyone I know!”

Sincerely ~ Gene and Kim Lindsley

“Thank you for our help. Your tech John and his crew worked very hard and completed in 3 days. Thanks again!”
Sincerely – Larry Larkins

” I want to take this opportunity to recognize your representatives who worked the project from the bid response through completion of the work. The following individuals did an outstanding job and need to be recognized for their professional work getting the repairs done and on time. The Dwyer personnel who worked the project were Chris Griggs, Mike Slayback and the on-site crew of Chris, Josh, Nik and especially the team supervisor Joey. Great work by the entire Dwyer team. Thanks again for the work on my home. You have some great employees working at Dwyer and appreciated all their efforts. If I can be used as a reference for other residential work you may have in the area, please feel free to use my name and have the potential customers contact me.”
Sincerely – Dan Winn

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