Dwyer Concrete Lifting / Slabjacking Testimonials

“We had your crew come by today to lift our sunken front steps. The Dwyer Team was very thoughtful, professional and extremely helpful. They went the extra mile explaining how we could make some additional improvements unrelated to the steps and put the finishing touches on our home. Highest praise to them.”

Sincerely – Loree Spencer

“Excellent work and excellent employees. Would recommend Dwyer to anyone!”

Thanks ~ Jimmy Dye

“You recently completed a concrete lifting job. The entire side of my house and most of my garage needed to be torn up. Your crew did a fantastic job. They were punctual, polite, and left the place clean each day. They made what could have been a pain in the neck into a not bad experience. Cheers to him and you.”

Sincerely ~ Julie Samet

“There’s an old ad which says if you really mean it, put it in writing so I’m putting. Based on our slabjacking experience of a few years ago, we expected last week’s piering and wall repair to go very well – and it did. We’re very happy with the way the job went, how quickly it was completed, and the final result. The visible part looks great, the invisible part looks neat, and we’re confident both are solid. I’d like to add, too, a few words about your crew. They knew their job and, just as important, they didn’t make us uncomfortable to have around.

“Way to go!” ~ Art Seltzer

“Excellent Job! Amazed to see how it worked.”
Thanks – Jacob

“The techs did a great job- Floor looks good!”
Thank You- Jeff Gove

“Thank you for repairing our driveway in such a timely and quality fashion. We are very pleased!”
Best Regards – Bill O’Hara

“Your crew was on time and did an exceptional job of leveling our driveway. I would feel comfortable calling Dwyer again if we ever had to repeat the process.”
Thank you! – Linda G

“Thank you very much! You did a great job with our driveway and stoop.”
Sincerely – Rene Drew

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